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20 Best Beaches In Africa For An Exotic And Memorable Vacation

Africa is known for its diverse landscapes and breathtaking views, from the desert sands of the Sahara to the lush rainforests of Congo. But did you know that it also boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches?

The African continent has 54 countries and 18,950 miles of coastline, making it home to some of the best beaches in the world for an exotic and memorable vacation.

From stunning white-sand shores in Senegal to idyllic island getaways in Seychelles, here are the 20 most captivating beaches in the continent of Africa;

1. Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Mnemba, a private island in the Indian Ocean that is a part of the famous Zanzibar Archipelago, is situated off the northern coast of Tanzania.

 The island has the best scuba diving and snorkelling in Zanzibar, and its warm, clear seas are ideal for whale watching, swimming with dolphins, and encounters with whale sharks.

 It’s also the ideal place to go on a romantic honeymoon or to celebrate an anniversary.

2. Bom Bom Island, Príncipe

The island nation of So Tomé and Principe is home to some magnificent beaches in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of West Africa.

With a population of only 8,000, Principe is the smaller of the two islands.

On Principe’s northern shore, the Bom Bom Island Resort is an eco-friendly lodging choice that includes two of the island’s top beaches.

The virgin forests of Príncipe are a birdwatcher’s paradise.

3. Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

Lamu is a group of islands off the coast of Kenya, north of Mombasa.

Powdery white sands, superb snorkeling, and crystal-clear waters are all characteristics of the Indian Ocean, which are present on the beaches of Shela Village on the main island.

 One of the oldest towns in Kenya is Lamu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Book an island-hopping tour on a traditional dhow to view more of the archipelago’s hidden beaches.

4. Trou-aux-Biches, Mauritius

Mauritius, another Indian Ocean archipelago with countless chances for seaside relaxation, is located off the east coast of Madagascar.

The main island, close to the small settlement of Trou-aux-Biches, is one of the nation’s best beaches.

The town’s public beach is a mile-long strip of beautiful sand with quiet, kid-friendly tides.

5. Port St. Johns, South Africa

Nearly 1800 miles (2,798 kilometers) of South Africa’s coastline are breathtakingly gorgeous.

 A staggering variety of adventure sports combines with the stunning landscape in the Wild Coast or Transkei region.

 A natural place to begin is Port St. Johns, the thriving community referred to as the Wild Coast’s entryway.

6. Curralinho Beach, Cape Verde

Cape Verde, a group of ten volcanic islands off the coast of Senegal, is known for its undeveloped, natural beaches.

 Due to the nation’s Portuguese background, every island has a distinctly Brazilian flavor.

 As a result, most people come to enjoy the beaches, and many return year after year for the delectable cuisine, warm weather, and morna music.

best beaches in Africa

7. Skeleton Coast, Namibia

The remote Skeleton Coast in Namibia is a good option for anyone looking for a genuinely extreme vacation.

It is one of the world’s last remaining natural wilderness, characterized by towering dunes that abruptly drop off into the cold waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

 Along with elephants and hyenas adapted to the desert, colossal Cape fur seal colonies are visible to nature enthusiasts.

 Despite this, it is not a place for socializing or tanning.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town offers top-notch dining, fantastic culture, and some of the continent’s most breathtaking beaches.

 Whether you’re an animal lover expecting to swim with penguins at Boulders Beach or a seasoned surfer preparing to take on the big seasonal waves off Hout Bay, there is something for every type of beachgoer in the Cape Town area.

Bloubergstrand, with its white sands and panoramic views of Table Bay, and the distinctive shape of Table Mountain, is arguably the most photogenic beach.

best beaches in Africa

9. Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles

If you’re seeking some of the best African beach vacations, the stunning islands of the Seychelles Archipelago are hard to match.

One of the most stunning beaches in Africa, if not the entire globe, is Anse Source D’Argent, situated on the island of La Digue.

This idyllic stretch of pure white sand beach is ideal for snorkelling and tanning because of its stunning boulders, clear waters, and undulating palm trees.

10. Mafia Island, Tanzania

In contrast to some of the other Tanzanian beaches, Mafia Island provides discerning guests with a tranquil and exclusive retreat.

The Mafia Island Marine Park, one of the top dive sites in the world, is located on Mafia, the largest island in the Mafia Archipelago.

 Mafia’s magnificent beach resorts offer first-rate diving supplies and logistics, or you may live out your castaway fantasies on some of Africa’s loveliest beaches.

11. De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa

The De Hoop Nature Reserve, frequently referred to as the “jewel of the Western Cape,” is about three hours from Cape Town and provides a handy stopover for tourists seeing South Africa’s breathtaking Garden Route.

This fantastic coastal reserve is a part of South Africa’s Whale Coast, which offers the best land-based whale watching worldwide.

12. Ilha Caldeira, Mozambique

This exclusive island off the coast of Mozambique is expected to be the ultimate barefoot luxury getaway for the coming year.

 On this pristine pearl of the Indian Ocean, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts plans to debut its first luxury resort in Southern Africa in 2022.

Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira’s private villas will offer breathtaking views of the islet’s white sand beaches and magnificent sunsets while putting sustainability first.

13. Quirimbas, Mozambique

The Quirimbas Archipelago, consisting of 32 picturesque islands scattered along the coast of Mozambique, is home to some of the best beaches in Africa and has considerable cultural and historical significance.

 The Quirimbas National Park, which protects many islands, allows nature enthusiasts to wander through enchanting forests, spot rare marine creatures like turtles and dugongs, and find thriving coral reefs.

best beaches in Africa

14. Watamu, Kenya

The Malindi Marine Reserve Park, a marine protected area, includes Watamu beach’s fine white sand and shallow blue sea.

The best diving and snorkeling in East Africa are near offshore coral formations.

Green and hawksbill turtles use Watamu as an important nesting location.

best beaches in Africa

15. Ifaty, Madagascar

Ifaty, on the southwest coast of Madagascar, might be the solution if you’ve always wanted to unwind on a white stretch of beach where shade comes from lazily swaying palm trees rather than striped umbrellas.

You can explore the coral reef that flanks this section of shoreline, partially lined by fishermen’s homes made primarily of natural materials, with goggles, a snorkel, or from the surface from a vibrant dugout canoe.

16. Uvongo, South Africa

Uvongo Beach, near the mouth of the Ivungu River, has a shallow lagoon that is ideal for children to play in.

To reach the foot of the 23-meter-high waterfall that empties into the lagoon, rent a pedalo and paddle.

17. Loango National Park, Gabon

Hippos that surf have renowned Loango National Park’s beaches, but elephants, buffalo, gorillas, leopards, and buffaloes may be found on the sand.

 More than 100 kilometers of the park’s coastline are deserted and provide good opportunities to see dolphins, humpback, and killer whales.

best beaches in Africa

18. Beyin Beach, Ghana

Beyin Beach is one of the best and most exotic beaches in Africa. On this typical African working beach, you can see about 100 men bringing in sizable seine nets full of fish.

The tall, soaring palms that line the border of secluded Beyin beach are what you’re likely to remember about its lovely sandy arc.

best beaches in Africa

19. Cap Skirring, Senegal

Cap Skirring is one of the prettiest beaches in Casamance, which is, in turn, one of Senegal’s most beautiful locations.

It is a broad bay with a flat beach bordered on one side by unspoiled dune vegetation and the other by the corduroy waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

There has not been much growth in the tourism industry here, but a cab journey to the lovely white beach of Boucotte will take you even more afield.

best beaches in Africa

20. Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, an expansive beach, provides plenty of room for tourists looking to relax and soak up some rays in this relatively laid-back Moroccan town.

Still, it’s the wind and waves that draw large crowds of kite- and windsurfers in the summer, as well as surfers in the winter.

Jimi Hendrix’s “Castles Made of Sand” was inspired by a castle located further around the bay from the harbor.

best beaches in Africa

No one will assert that Africa has all of the world’s best beaches, yet it does.

The sandy edge of the continent is diverse and dramatic, ranging from the wind-whipped coastlines of Seychelles to the eerie, seal-dotted coast of Namibia.

Overall, a beach vacation in Africa offers the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Whether it’s lounging on the beach or exploring the diverse landscapes, Africa’s best beaches offer something for everyone. So why not book your next vacation to one of these stunning destinations? You won’t regret it.

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