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30 Best Family Vacation Destinations In The USA

It’s seldom easy to pick a family vacation that everyone will enjoy, but we’ve identified a few that are guaranteed to please.

These 30 family holidays, which range from dude ranches to amusement parks, are sure to please even the pickiest family member, even teenagers. 

1. California’s northwestern region

A car trip along the California coast has been one of the best family vacations. Northern California captivated them all. The Redwood National and State Parks are known for their tall redwood trees. Numerous family-friendly walks will take you deep into the heart of these colossi.

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is a one-of-a-kind location perfect for family photographs! It is one of the 30 best family vacation destinations.

The neighboring McKerracher State Park encourages children to get out and experience nature. During the right season, you might even see whales!

2. Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado, is a fantastic vacation destination for families who want to combine a National Park visit with small-town charm and big-city day adventures. Rocky Mountain National Park, one of Mia’s favorite parks, is located in Estes Park. It’s full of enjoyable treks, breathtaking scenery, and plenty of animals.

3. Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is one of the best family vacation destinations in the United States. Honolulu is the capital of this Hawaiian island, but there is so much more for families to discover. Oahu is the best spot to visit if you want to get a feel for Hawaii.

Most major airlines fly into Honolulu, making it easy to get to the island; however, east coasters may wish to consider a short layover in California to avoid the long travel.

4. Seattle, Washington

We reside in Seattle, so I’m biased, but I think it’s a fantastic city for a family trip. Families will enjoy visiting some of the city’s most popular attractions in the Seattle Center region.

The MO Pop Museum should be on your itinerary. They contain a lot of pop culture relics and some unique hands-on music experiences. There is now a Minecraft exhibit there! It’s a pop culture museum, after all!

5. Moosehead Lake, Maine

Moosehead Lake, Maine, might be the place for you if you seek a quiet lake vacation. It is Maine’s largest lake and the eastern United States’ largest alpine lake.

Many cabin rentals are available on the lake, providing families with a place away from home to rest and feel at ease. On my Moosehead Lake weekend excursion, I had the opportunity to stay at two of them.

6. Glacier National Park

Were we looking for a place to take your family on vacation? Last summer, we went to Glacier National Park and had a great time! The park is enormous, yet the West Glacier and the East Glacier sides have radically different vibes. If you’re visiting during the summer, take the Going to the Sun Road to connect the two park parts.

During our journey to the park, we stayed in two fantastic hotels. We stayed at Under Canvas for two nights. This is my sort of camping: your tent has a toilet, shower, and fireplace! At the Izaak Walton Inn, we also stayed in an antique train caboose. That was a fantastic adventure!

7. Santa Rosa, California

Charles Schulz, the cartoonist and creator of the Peanuts comic, lives in Santa Rosa. In Santa Rosa, there is a Charles Schulz Museum that should appeal to both children and adults.

In the museum’s painting room, kids may even try to draw the Peanuts. Also within walking distance are a skating rink and a children’s museum.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans may be best known for its beads and Bourbon Street, but it also has a family-friendly side. Delicious local sweets for all ages include festive king cakes drizzled with Mardi Gras-colored icing and powdered sugar-dusted beignets.

There are several kid-friendly restaurants and music venues where you may enjoy Creole food and live jazz.

9. Texas, Austin

It’s quirky and cool in the same way that Portland is, but much warmer! Food, festivals, and a superb live music scene are popular in this vibrant and energetic city (Austin is known as The Live Music Capital of America).

10. Chicago, Illinois

Are you looking for a family getaway to a big city? Chicago, Illinois, is definitely one of the best family vacation destinations in the USA and a great option for kids.

From the Shedd Aquarium to the Museum of Science and Industry and the Field Museum, they have some of the top museums in the country.

Plus, Navy Pier has a fantastic Children’s Museum! All of these activities will keep the children entertained.

11. Florida’s Key West

Despite its reputation as a quirky party town, Key West, Florida, is a fantastic family trip. The oddity is genuine, but it adds to the allure of this sun-drenched island in the Florida Keys.

12. National Park Yellowstone

This is a must-see place for any family holiday. Because Yellowstone is the United States’ oldest National Park, it is one of those journeys that everyone should take.

13. North Carolina’s Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina, is an excellent choice for families searching for fun, free activities, and opportunities to explore nature. The capital of North Carolina is a short flight away from many sites and is a budget-friendly family holiday option.

14. Las Vegas, Nevada

Although Las Vegas may not appear to be an obvious choice for a family vacation, it is an excellent choice for your family. We recommend this city for families as long as the adults in your company are willing to sacrifice gambling and nightclubs.

Direct flights are plentiful, and Las Vegas has a profusion of fantastic hotels with beautiful pool areas that children adore. Because Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the United States, families may typically find a fantastic deal on a premium hotel on or off the Strip.

15. Disneyland / Anaheim, California

A trip to Disney is a favourite family vacation for most families. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California, and it consists of two theme parks with several rides and attractions suitable for visitors of all ages.

No wonder it is one of the best and most popular family vacation destinations not just in the USA but around the world.

16. Disney World / Orlando, Florida

Disney World is a theme park and waterpark complex located in Orlando, Florida. If you want to immerse yourself in Disney, a weeklong trip to Disney World and staying on-site will provide plenty of Disney enchantment! We had a fantastic time staying at the Disney Riviera Resort and taking the Skyline to the parks.

17. San Luis Obispo, California

The San Luis Obispo area on the Central Coast is one of California’s best family-friendly destinations, yet it’s often neglected.

This location, located on the famed Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, is worth spending a few days in.

18. Door County, Wisconsin

One of our favorite family vacation spots in Door County, Wisconsin. Door County, roughly two hours north of Milwaukee, is a peninsula flanked on one side by Lake Michigan and the other by Green Bay.

The year-round outdoor activities, breathtaking scenery, and laid-back atmosphere will appeal to families.

19. Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach is a family-friendly beach island in South Carolina located approximately 25 minutes from Charleston.

Several rental apartments and motels near the coast, and the ocean is shallow enough for small children to play in. For adults, the quality and variety of food and nightlife are remarkable.

20. New York City 

New York City One might almost wonder what it lacks. The Big Apple features a diverse range of lodging options, an accessible and good public transportation system, tens of thousands of eateries, and never sleeps.

21. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s natural wonders, and you’d be hard-pressed not to be moved by its breathtaking majesty. It is beautiful, fascinating, and easy to enjoy.

The canyon is one of the best family vacation destinations in the USA with a lot to offer adults and kids of all ages.

22. Colorado Springs, Colorado

A visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the family-friendly activities. Kids will enjoy many up-close-and-personal animal activities, like feeding the giraffes, on the park’s 40 acres.

Families might consider Colorado Springs and the neighboring Pikes Peak Region for their next vacation because it is only 90 minutes from Denver.

23. Southeastern Utah

According to the book, the World’s Mary is a Southeastern Utah with some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. There are red rocks and canyons, sandstone cliffs, and towering rock formations in its unrivaled view. For a fantastic family vacation, don’t miss these attractions.

24. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis enters the list of best places to visit because it offers something for everyone in the family in almost every season.

The nature enthusiast in the family will enjoy fishing in one of the more than 10,000 lakes, while the art enthusiast can visit the Walker Art Center. The best thing is that good fishing can be done within city limits, so your family can go their separate ways for the day but still meet up for dinner in the unique gourmet scene.

25. Richmond, Virginia

This is one of the best family vacation destinations in the USA for a variety of reasons. Richmond has it all: old and new, high-tech and laid-back, exhilarating and serene… whatever you’re looking for in a family holiday, you’ll probably find it in Richmond.

The Ginter Botanical Garden, a gorgeous institution with a charming children’s area, and the Metro Richmond Zoo, with numerous animals and a treetop adventure, are located in Richmond, Virginia (the state’s capital).

If science is more your thing, the Science Museum of Virginia and the children’s museum next door will not disappoint.

Richmond National Battlefield Park, which commemorates 13 American Civil War locations, including Tredegar Iron Works, which supplied much of the Confederacy’s artillery, is a must-see for history buffs.

26. Midcoast Maine

Mid Coast Maine combines small villages and islands that make for a great family holiday destination. Just off US-1 (the widely frequented route between Portland and Acadia National Park), the region has it all: great food, a plethora of outdoor activities, arts and culture, and breathtaking landscape.

27. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio, is a fantastic family vacation. At Smale Park, you may enjoy scenic river views from the swings, ride the carousel, and play music on the enormous outdoor piano.

Take the streetcar to the Over the Rhine area, eat at one of the outstanding restaurants on Vine Street, and participate in some of the events at Washington Park.

Fiona, everyone’s favorite hippo, may be found at the Cincinnati Zoo. Thrill-seekers will enjoy Kings Island Amusement Park’s ride options, while families will appreciate their award-winning children’s section.

28. Florida’s Space Coast

The Florida Space Coast is a stunning jewel on Florida’s East Coast that has something for everyone. With its gorgeous wide sandy beaches on the Atlantic, Cocoa Beach has become a surfer’s paradise.

Everything you need for a pleasant family holiday includes oceanfront, good hotels, family-friendly food, and kid-approved activities like miniature golf.

29. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee, has less than 200,000 people, but it’s not your typical tiny Southern town. It is an outdoor playground, promising a weekend of fun for the nature-loving family.

High adventure reigns from caving to hang gliding, rafting, and rock climbing.

30. Boise, Idaho

Last but not least on our list of the best family vacation destinations is Boise in Idaho.

Boise’s outdoor activities are its true strength as a family destination. Zoo Boise and the Discovery Center of Idaho are two excellent family attractions in Boise. However, they are pretty minor and appear to be worn.

The ‘Ribbon of Jewels,’ a belt of public parks that runs through the heart of town, is recognized for its nine riverbank parks. Walkways, playgrounds, trails, disc golf courses, and other outdoor activities abound in these parks.

The Greenbelt is a paved bike route that runs alongside the river and connects all of the parks (as well as much of the rest of town). Families can also float the Boise River when the weather is nice, and a regular bus will take you there.

These destinations offer a range of activities and attractions to keep the whole family entertained. From national parks to beach getaways to city adventures, every type of family can find a perfect fit for their vacation desires.

Ultimately, the best destination for your family will depend on your personal preferences and budget. No matter where you choose to vacation with your family, the important thing is to make memories and have fun together. We hope this list has inspired you to start planning your next family vacation. Happy travels!

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