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21 Best Investing And Finance Podcasts You Should Listen To

Investing podcasts have quickly become one of the most incredible free options for learning about all forms of investing. These podcasts offer both beginners and experts high-quality, instructive, and easy-to-consume information. Here we have discussed about best investing and finance podcasts

Furthermore, they get unfettered access to some of the world’s best and brightest investors. Finally, “finance” might signify many different things to various people. When used broadly, it can refer to personal finance, stock investment, economics, real estate, or even corporate finance.

Although there is sometimes overlap between the many sorts of finance, there are also distinct variances.

1. We Study Billionaire

Preston and Stig interview and analyses prominent financial billionaires, including Warren Buffett and Howard Marks, on We, Study Billionaires, the world’s largest stock investment podcast. They show you what they’ve learnt and how to use their stock market investment ideas.

Having begun by virtually studying Buffett, Preston and Stig have done an excellent job of moving the show’s topic to more relevant, contemporary, and practical concepts throughout the years.

Many value investors and Buffett devotees cannot shift to new ideas, techniques, or concepts like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They cant even accommodate macroeconomics such as Preston and Stig have.

Aside from the vast issues discussed and the high-profile speakers, the show’s audio and editing quality are excellent, making for a pleasant listening experience.

2. Motley Fool Money

Chris Hill of the Motley Fool and other experts analyze the most important business and stock investing news from the previous week on Motley Fool Money. They interpret news articles into prospective ramifications for investors, both good and bad, as part of their conversations.

They also provide investment recommendations that might profit from the news articles. These topics can be dry and uninteresting unless you’re a financial, business, or investment buff like us. However, this is not the case with the Motley Fool Money team.

They offer excellent, practical insights and opinions on current business events and investment prospects. As a result, they are allowed to educate investors. This is one of the best investing and finance podcasts.

3. Real Estate 101

Real Estate 101, presented by Robert Leonard, is a relatively new show in the real estate investment podcast industry that has swiftly earned authority and appeal. He interviews accomplished real estate investors from various niches to assist listeners in their real estate investing journeys, whether they’re just starting to start or want to expand and build their firm.

Learning from someone who has seen and done everything has its advantages. Someone who has already accomplished all you desire and more, allowing you to learn from their errors rather than making them yourself.

4. Focused Compounding

This leading, daily value investing podcast co-hosts Andrew Kuhn and Geoff Gannon aggressively and routinely bounce investment ideas and questions off one another.

They delve into timeless investment concepts, examine actionable investing ideas, and explain Buffett, Munger, and Fisher’s investing beliefs. Their connection as mentor and protégé is amusing.

Furthermore, the program is a fantastic educational tool. Andrew asks great questions that keep listeners thinking, while Geoff stretches his brains with thoughtful replies. As a result, if you’re interested in learning about value investing, this is one of the most incredible places to start. This is one of the best investing and finance podcasts.

5. The Acquirer’s Podcast

The Acquirer's Podcast

In this podcast, Tobias Carlisle and guests discuss the methods and strategies for discovering excellent investments, managing risk, coping with “poor luck,” and optimizing success. Value investment, profound value investing, is seen as “old school” and not as “cool” as today’s high-flying technology stocks.

On the other hand, Tobias makes this podcast amusing and instructional material. Finally, he brings a level of entertainment to Money and investment that is uncommon. This podcast is for you if you want to learn the ins and outs of genuine value investing without getting bored with accounting complexities.

6. Top Traders Unplugged

Do you know what the Market Wizard novels entail?

They propelled some of the top traders of the 1980s to prominence. This podcast, produced by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, is akin to audiobooks featuring today’s greatest traders, economists, and macro-experts.

Top Traders Unplugged constantly delivers excellent financial and economic market analyses. There is no “fluff,” only a straightforward approach to investing and trading. The host and his guests’ real-life experiences and concrete suggestions are priceless.

 Rather than just studying concepts, you’ll walk away from this with ideas to practice in your investment.

7. Option Alpha Podcast

Option Alpha Podcast

The #1 ranked options trading podcast host, Kirk Du Plessis, aims to inspire, encourage, and deliver actionable guidance. He covers a new trading subject, a case study, or an interview with a successful trader every week.

Consequently, it teaches you all you need to know about stock market options trading. We tend to be more conservative as value investors at The Investor’s Podcast Network. This is one of the best investing and finance podcasts.

We steer clear of high-growth firms and speculative transactions. The Option Alpha podcast’s content and goal are quite similar to that investment concept.

8. Market Foolery

Market Foolery

Chris Hill of The Motley Fool also hosts this program. It offers a daily look at the latest stock market news, breaking business and finance topics, and the “occasional digression,” as the host puts it.

We forget as investors that stocks are more than just a blip on the screen; they’re actual firms that we own when we buy shares. The show’s host and guests do an excellent job examining organizations from a real-world viewpoint. While they discuss financial figures from time to time, they tend to focus more on the actual business.

As a result, knowing about a firm and its operations from a consumer’s perspective rather than an investment analyst examining a company’s financials makes for an exciting debate.

9. Planet Money

Planet Money

Planet Money, as defined by NPR, is a show where “imagine calling up a friend and saying, ‘meet me at the bar and tell me what’s going on with the economy.'”

Let’s pretend that was a wonderful evening.” Planet Money is still a popular business and economics podcast after 13 years. It created the show to chronicle new events in the financial sector during the financial crisis of 2007-2009.

Its content collection has over 1,000 episodes covering practically any topic you’d like to learn about.


Like the rest of the Motley Fool’s outstanding broadcasts, this podcast employs a similar concept but focuses on one unique industry each day.

 A different Motley Fool expert examines their industry’s news, headlines, and investing possibilities on Industry Focus daily. As a result, this show covers many topics, including healthcare, technology, energy, consumer products, and more.

It might be tough to comprehend if you aren’t actively involved in a particular industry. Industry experts on the show, on the other hand, break down significant businesses into easily understandable information. They make it so that anyone with no prior knowledge of these topics may grasp them.



The Count Me In podcast, produced by the Institute of Management Accountants, gives you a glimpse into corporate finance and accounting.

Expert financial executives worldwide provide their perspectives on how world-class companies adapt to advances in technology, finance, and accounting. This podcast will help you uncover ideas that can help you grow your career and offer you an edge over your colleagues if you’re new to the sector as an entry-level employee. This is one of the best investing and finance podcasts.

If you’re a seasoned financial executive, this event can provide you with an inside view into how other successful companies are coping with industry-wide issues and developments, which you can apply to your own company.

12. Money For the Rest of Us

Money For the Rest of Us

“You handle your own money,” David Stein, the host of the Money For the Rest of Us podcast, says of what he’s establishing with his podcast and network.

So do I. Let us exchange notes and go on this financial adventure together.” Stein does an excellent job covering a wide range of issues, from the “must-know” to the more topical.

He does it all from a perspective that is both simple for novices and enlightening for those with some experience. Although the Money For the Rest of Us podcast seldom has guests, Stein does an excellent job teaching how Money works, how to invest it, and how to survive without it with only himself and a microphone.

13. Bigger Pockets-Money

bigger pockets money

Hosts Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen of the BiggerPockets Money podcast, one of BiggerPockets’ five podcasts, educate listeners on making more, retaining more, spending smarter, and increasing wealth.

He interviews distinctive and influential thought leaders – typically ordinary people with incredible stories. As co-hosts, Scott and Mindy have dynamic chemistry that works well together and gives the listener a terrific listening experience. They frequently agree, yet each contributes a unique viewpoint to the discussion. This is one of the best investing and finance podcasts.

Scott, Mindy, and the rest of the BiggerPockets crew identify relatable themes and guests for the program, making the listener think they, too, can succeed.

14. The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show

You can’t talk about the best investing and finance podcasts and not talk about this show. If you’ve ever looked for anything financial, you’ve almost certainly come across Dave Ramsey or Ramsey Solutions, Ramsey’s organization.

Since Dave Ramsey is undoubtedly one of the world’s most well-known finance experts, he broadcasts his podcast, The Dave Ramsey Show, one of several Ramsey Solutions podcasts.

The Dave Ramsey Show is unique in two ways: first, it is almost entirely a call-in radio show where listeners generate the content, and Dave answers their questions; second, every workday, he produces approximately three hours of material.

 Every day, he broadcasts three one-hour episodes.

15. Best F.I.R.E. (Financial Independent Retire Early) Podcast)

When it comes to Financial Independence and Retiring Early (“FIRE”), hosts Jonathan Mendosa and Brad Barrett think there is no “correct method” or “minor topic.

If it helps people get closer to financial independence, it’s a topic on the ChooseFI podcast.

FIRE podcasts frequently build on a few specific methods expected to be followed by everyone.

 Jonathan and Brad have done an excellent job introducing the FIRE community to various approaches to the same end goal that many individuals share.

 The hosts share personal tales and those of highly successful visitors and others who are more relatable to the audience.

16. Afford Anything

 Afford Anything

With her podcast Afford Anything, host Paula Pant takes a unique approach to podcasting. Paula opted only to bring on “guests who have a Ph.D. or have published a book on the New York Times or Wall Street Journal bestseller lists” since many podcast shows strive to make the subject approachable to the audience.

While some individuals may find this information unrelateable, it is a fantastic way to learn from some of the world’s top brains.

It presents you with high-quality ideas and tactics that actual professionals have researched and tried for years.

17. Best Finance Podcast For Beginners, Millennial, And GEN Z: Investing In Millnium

Best Finance Podcast For Beginners, Millennial, And GEN Z: Investing In Millnium

Millennial Investing has swiftly established itself as a premier investing, personal finance, and side hustle podcast for the younger generations, focusing on people aged 18 to 40.

Robert Leonard, who also hosts the show, interviews successful entrepreneurs, business executives, and investors to educate and motivate the millennial generation to improve their financial literacy and make better investment decisions with their time and Money.

18. Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Real Estate & Financial Freedom, an award-winning podcast, and its presenter, Chad “Coach” Carson, discuss investment and financial independence, focusing on “doing more of what matters in your life.”

Coach Carson recognizes that not everyone who consumes his programming has the same degree of knowledge.

Therefore he frequently clarifies crucial concepts on episodes that listeners may not be familiar with. Coach Carson’s genuine desire to help others shines through in everything he does, from social media to the podcast to YouTube to his website.

19. M&A Science

M&A Science

This is one of the best investing and finance podcasts. The world of mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) can be a mysterious place at times, but the M&A Science podcast aims to alter that.

The M&A Science podcast, hosted by Kison Patel, delves into the complex world of M&A with specialists who have completed similar transactions.

 The event didn’t simply give a positive perspective on M&A activity; it also explored why large firms typically ruin smaller companies in M&A deals, software M&A risk, and why M&A integration is complex.

 This program is ideal for anybody interested in working in the sector or stock investors interested in learning how mergers and acquisitions may affect their assets.

20. The Clark Howard Podcast

The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard, the host of The Clark Howard Podcast, is a nationally syndicated radio talk show personality who has transitioned to the podcast format, similar to Dave Ramsey. Clark is on a mission to help individuals gain financial independence.

Look no further if you’re seeking a podcast that combines practical advice on everyday personal money issues with business news.

Clark talks about money-saving techniques on dairy products not commonly covered on podcasts, such as mobile phones, eyeglasses, student discounts, elder discounts, etc.

Clark’s show also features a good mix of pertinent business news segments, such as ones on fraudulent unemployment benefits, the impact of vaccines on employment and travel, and more.

21. The Table Podcast with Anthony Oneal

The Table with Anthony Oneal

In this show, Anthony O’Neal teaches about the importance of financial responsibility and planning for the future. He uses personal stories and a combination of humor and hard truths to drive home his message. And he also interviews people from different walks of life who share their stories of how they achieved financial success.

This podcast will leave you feeling motivated to make positive changes in your financial habits. Overall, the show has received rave reviews and is worth listening to if you are someone who’s looking to improve your financial health.

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