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10 Jobs That Allow You To Travel Abroad While You Are Still Young

Suppose you’re a travel lover who is just stuck inside the cubicle and waiting for the next vacation only so that you can get out of the country and explore different experiences of life.

However, there will still be a worry about getting back and getting started on your job to earn your bread and butter.

If that is the case, then a 9-to-5 job might not be the right decision for your career.

If you want to travel more without worrying about money and vacation days, you must broaden your spectrum.

Consider jobs that require traveling as one of their secondary duties.

If that sounds good, read on to find the top 10 jobs that allow you to travel abroad apart from the vacations.

best jobs to travel abroad

1) English Teacher

Teaching English in a foreign country has a broader scope than one can expect.

You can teach English as a second language to different students directly from your house or even get a job at a school.

However, you have to have a bachelor’s degree and an ESL training certificate to get globally hired by a specific company.

If you start to enjoy this part-time, you can also convert it into a full-time job.

It is a great bonding way to know their culture while teaching them your native language.

2) Au Pair

Au pair is an excellent job for someone good with kids and knows how to handle them pretty well.

An Au pair is someone who lives with a host family in a different country and babysits their kids.

It provides a reasonable salary and a chance to get lost in experiencing different cultures of that area.

Knowing the language of that country will also get you up to the family’s list much quicker.

If this interests you check these out:

3) Cruise Ship Worker

Traveling on a cruise is every travel geek’s dream.

It allows you to enjoy that VIP life while traveling to different countries that are just breathtaking.

But what about working on a cruise line?

You’d still enjoy all the provided facilities while earning a good buck.

You don’t need to have specific expertise to work on a cruise.

You can use your already sharpened skills and get working on the ship.

The working hours are considerably extended; however, there is still plenty of free time to explore different routes of the ship. It’s one of the best jobs to travel abroad if you are young and want to explore the world without being tied to one place.

4) International Aid Worker

Making a difference while traveling is not something you would usually hear.

However, you can do it by working as an international aid worker.

Different organizations like USAID, Red Cross, and Peace Crop Work help countries in need going through a famine, natural disasters, or even wars.

To apply, you will need to have expertise in related fields.

These fields may include health, agriculture, international relations, and social services.

If you have any of these on your resume, you can go on with the application form.

These organizations provide an entire package, including a good salary, housing, and great experience to write on your resume.

However, there will be days or even weeks when you will have to live in remote locations without access to basic life necessities.

So if you think you’re up for this challenge, apply now.

best jobs to travel abroad

5) Flight Attendant

The training you have to get through to get into a good airline service is mind-boggling.

And it doesn’t end there.

Flight attendants also have to go through long and tiring shifts that wear you and your sleep schedule out.

However, at the end of each shift, it gets all worth it because you’re in a different country, spending time with different people and their traditions while spending your great shift pay. This is one of the best jobs to travel abroad while still living in your home country.

6) Freelance Photographer

Being a traveling photographer might be a tricky job.

However, you can survive this industry with good camera settings, technology, angles, and communication skills.

You can join an organization that needs pictures of different locations or sell them to specific magazines, news portals, and brand campaigns.

Freelancing as a photographer would earn you a good buck and an experience you would never dare to forget.

7) Travel Writer/Blogger

Writing is a tough job, and it never promises good pay unless you have expertise in writing professionally and have been doing it for quite a while.

You can travel all you want and write about those destinations you have wondered through with strangers while taking in every bit of it.

You can write for your blog or for different publications that need first-hand experience of those locations and earn a decent amount of money.

However, like any other job, managing as a beginner can get financially challenging. So you need to have a sturdy income stream from writing or blogging before you quit your job to travel the world.

best jobs to travel abroad

8) Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best tactics to increase sales and social media presence.

If you’re good at management and understand this genre of the internet, you can earn a good amount of money with this work. Being a virtual assistant is one of the best jobs that allows you to travel abroad.

Virtual assistance provides flexible timings, schedules that meet your needs, choice of multiple clients simultaneously, and work in any niche you may like.

9) Travel Agent

Believe it or not, this job does not require any specific degrees.

You can be a home-based travel agent if you want.

So if you have traveled for a long time in your life and now you are considering ways to earn money while doing the same thing you love, a travel agent is a good choice.

Using your expertise and attention to detail to good use, you can help your clients choose the best vacations that are perfectly planned out and suit their budgets and needs.

10) Consultant

Running a company is a complicated process.

Different problems are recurring, which have to be solved at a respectable speed so that the business can run smoothly.

This is why consultants are in high demand.

A consultant is an expert on a particular topic and helps businesses grow better.

For this reason, they travel across the globe to maintain good relationships with their clients while earning a good income. This is also something you can do virtually while you explore the world.

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