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10 Important Things to Look For When Booking An Airbnb

It’s hard not to like Airbnb. First, it’s one of the most well-known platforms for travelers to seek accommodations. Second (and more importantly), Airbnb is the pioneering platform to connect travelers with local hosts in their houses. So what exactly do you need to consider when booking an Airbnb?

Bagajillion properties and hosts are reasons we should look at the things we’ll write down in this article. Below are the ten crucial things to consider when you book your travel through Airbnb:

1. Price versus facilities

Travelers who book their properties through Airbnb tend to be travelers who seek economic offers for their stays. Discounts and promotions are two things that come to our mind when we talk about economic offers, and we’ll talk about the promotions later. One of the frequent mistakes is only to consider the net prices.

Comparing the facilities will make your considerations more objective than only considering the price. For instance, some travelers consider a $120-per-night property with only Wi-Fi and Netflix TV too expensive. Instead, they will limit their choices to only up to $80-$100.

2. Positive and negative testimonials

We’re not saying that you should avoid properties without testimonials. Even when you can’t readily see the testimonials on Airbnb’s official platform, you can seek the owners’ reputation through their social media, the companies they’re working in, and more.

Often, top Airbnb hosts and properties have both positive and negative comments. Be sure to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the property from those testimonials. Then, you can picture the property you’ll book without having to multiple-visit the country.

3. Nearby places

Location can make or break your stay so it’s important to research the area before booking Airbnb.

Is the host’s place reachable through and to any public places – shopping malls, restaurants, wet markets or supermarkets, and more? Is it easy to order transportation around the property? If so, what things can we order from the property?

Not all strategically-placed properties are expensive. It all depends on other factors, and lifestyle, a.k.a our preferences in hanging out around the places, is one of the nearby place-related factors.

4. The host’s characteristics

Remember: Airbnb is a platform that connects local hosts with out-town or overseas travelers. Even so, some areas attract so many foreigners, and some even become citizens, so the areas feel more heterogeneous.

When you book any Airbnb properties, the host’s characteristics, such as their nationality, the family links (E.g., Do they have babies? How do they behave towards the children?), and even their views on the current issues, are also crucial to think about. Some travelers prefer the hosts to be liberal, while others don’t mind more traditional and rigid hosts.

Some hosts will not give you privacy and may want to micro manage every detail of your stay. So if you are wondering how the host’s character may affect your stay at a place, these are some of the reasons why.

However, how important this factor is, is at your discretion as the Airbnb guest.

5. Cultural events around the property

Typical travelers who book their stays on Airbnb also seek nearby attractions. They typically stay between 3-7 days around the property. So, information about cultural events around the property becomes another essential aspect when booking an Airbnb.

Are there any wine tastings, cooking classes on traditional foods, yoga and meditation, and more around the property? Bonus point if you get a host who lets you participate with the entire household members in any cultural events.

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6. Verified identities

All hosts on Airbnb have to undergo identity verifications that consist of their legal names, date of birth, and national ID number, upon their registration. For them, those verification steps are crucial to withdraw their payments.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for Airbnb hosts who only accept travelers with verified identities. When you arrive at the property, these hosts have the right to ask for your passport or national ID card. Be sure to choose these hosts because they ensure your safety while you stay at their properties.

7. Bundled promotions

Take a look at your travel itineraries and flights before you decide which one of the Airbnb properties you will stay in. In some countries, Airbnb properties come with bundled packages on certain flights. For instance, you get X percent of discounts for your first two nights in Airbnb properties if you show your flight tickets with any local airline brands.

Another example comes from the hosts. Some hosts don’t only work full-time as Airbnb hosts. Instead, they also sell things around their houses, and they can give additional perks like member cards and special discounts for the next stay or other products around the properties.

8. The host’s rules

Staying in any Airbnb property means following the rules that Airbnb and the host have set for the house. So it’s important to read the rules guests are required to abide by before booking an Airbnb.

For instance, never make any loud noises after certain night hours, not bring pets or any items with pungent smells, not eat and drink on the bed, and more.

Some hosts enforce extra fees for requests to clean up rooms. Some others have other rules, such as only allowing officially-married couples to be in the same room by showing the marriage certificate, charging extra fees for bringing some items, not allowing pets on the property, and many more.

9. The place for transportation

Do you plan to bring your cars or motorcycles to the property? If you haven’t got your private transportation, which places around the property can you ask Uber or any online transportation to stop? If the property is only a few meters away from public transportation, how far is the actual distance?

Even though walking is the cheapest and healthiest transportation mode, you shouldn’t spend too much time walking. In particular, it applies when the environment around the property has difficult roads. Additionally, consider properties with expansive parking lots for motorcycles or cars if you plan to bring your private transportation.

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10. Cancellation policies

Sometimes you suddenly have something to do on your planned travel days. We need to be clear on the cancellation policies. Airbnb has three standard cancellation policies that hosts can put marks on, and those policies are Flexible, Moderate, and Strict.

Even so, not all hosts have the same understanding as Airbnb and travelers about cancellation policies. So, be sure to chat or initiate some forms of contact with the hosts before considering booking your stay in the property.

Whether it’s your first stay or you’re a frequent Airbnb guest, there are many factors to look at when booking an Airbnb. However these 10, are the most crucial and can be the factor that determines whether you have an enjoyable stay or horrible one.

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