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10 Essential Things To Look For When Getting Your First Apartment

Looking for your first apartment can be hectic if you don’t know what to consider.

It can be so, even if it’s your second or fourth apartment.

Here we’re going to talk about ten things you need to look for when searching for a new apartment.

Not many places will check all ten things on this list, but if you can find some that are most important to you, that’s good.

Safety & Security

First on the list for a reason.

When looking for your first apartment, you need to make sure the area you’re looking at is safe and secure.

Some places are safe but have no security, while others have security but are not safe.

What’s the difference?

A safe area has little to no history of crime and is located in neighborhoods where you don’t need to have security, but you are safe.

A secure place may be located in an unsafe neighborhood but has onsite security.

One of the two is good, but it’s even better if you can find an apartment that has both.


The issue of accessibility is a crucial factor to consider when looking for an apartment.

You want to find a place that is accessible and not remote.

The easier it is to get to and from your area, the better it will be for you and others trying to visit you.

It’s also great for receiving packages and deliveries in the future.


Rent is a considerable expense.

When looking for an apartment, it’s always essential to have a rental budget and range in mind.

Before taking up a new apartment, remind yourself of what you can afford to pay as rent every month.

Ideally, your rent should not be more than a third of your monthly income.

So when looking for an apartment, know your rent limit.

Try to avoid looking at places that are higher than what you can afford.

Don’t be tempted to get a place you can’t afford.

Proximity to activity

While this is not a must, it’s great to find a place close to shops, malls, schools, other residential areas, places of worship, etc., especially if you are young.

Apart from maintaining a social life and accessing essentials, it is also better for your mental health, to not be in an isolated area especially if you live alone.

Fits what you like

While this is usually the only thing most people have in mind when searching for an apartment, it should not be the only thing that drives you to pick one.

Remember, your apartment is where you will spend most of your time.

You should pick something you like and will enjoy waking up to every morning.

Keep in mind that you can always decorate the interior as you like after you move in.


What facilities does the apartment complex offer?

Not all complexes provide extra facilities to their residents, but some do.

Ask the agent or property manager if the place has facilities like a gym, pool, game room, etc.

Most places that come with these are usually expensive, but if they are essential to you, it’s worth asking, so you know.

Good management & rules

This is so so important to find out before you move into a new apartment.

Find out whether the apartment is managed by a property management company or directly by the landlord.

Whether it’s a property management company or landlord managing the property, please find out more about how they run the complex and what their rules are.

You don’t want to get surprises about things you cannot do after you’ve already signed a lease.

An inefficient property manager or landlord means repairs, maintenance, and others issues will be attended to late or not at all.

You can find out more about them by doing one or more of the following;

-Google the property management company and look for reviews of their service

-Ask the people who are already living there what their experience has been.

-Ask them directly what their system and policies are.

Good Community

Picking an apartment in a good community can help you enjoy your stay there.

The above premise is a general statement referring to the neighborhood, apartment complex, and people.

If the neighborhood is in a good location, the complex is good, and the people around are also good (in the sense of not being noisy and being respectful towards one another), then that’s an ideal place to get a new apartment.


Water, electricity, and other utilities can be a significant expense when renting.

Make sure you ask if the rental charges are inclusive of the utility bills.

These questions are essential, especially if it’s your first time renting an apartment.

Some places have one or all the utilities included in the rent bill, while others don’t.

In that case, you have to pay for these separately.

Find out whether you are paying it through the property manager or directly as a recharge or monthly bill to the utility company.

Apartment size

Are you looking for a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, or studio apartment?

You want to make sure you see the apartment in person to see how big or small it is.

Sometimes pictures are not always accurate and may be deceiving.

So do take time to see the actual size of the apartment in person to avoid surprises.

Another thing to consider when it comes to apartment space is whether you will be able to fit all your furniture. Consider how much furniture you have or want to buy and see if it will fit.

If you will be working from home, also take into consideration whether you have enough space to turn into a home working area.

Not all places will tick all ten things on the list. Even if they do, sometimes your budget may not allow you to choose an apartment that has all ten qualities. It’s important to stay true to what you can manage now and remember you can always upgrade later.

Looking for your first apartment? What are you looking forward to the most?

Maybe you have one and looking to upgrade now or later in the future? What do you wish you knew when you got your first apartment?

Let me know in the comments below!

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