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How To Find Ideas For Your Next Vacation (7 Sources of Inspiration)

There are anywhere between 189 and 196 nations globally, depending on whose source you believe. How do you pick the right Ideas for your next trip with many options?

One of the first challenges is figuring out where to go for inspiration.

Here are some places I go for inspiration when deciding where to go next.

1. Read Travel Blogs

Ideas For Your Next Trip

My primary source of travel inspiration is travel blogs.

We travel bloggers all have a passion for experiencing the globe and sharing our experiences with others, whether we’re digital nomads, long-term travelers, or those who fit their travels around a full-time day job.

As a result, we’ve typically visited more nations than the average tourist, and we’ve also chronicled our stay in those locations.

If you ask us for a restaurant recommendation in any town or city, we can provide you with the names of a few favorites and the addresses and what you must order.

We can even present you with a photograph of our favorite food.

2. Browse Instagram

Ideas For Your Next Trip

Instagram is a great place to look for ideas for your next trip. You can follow travel influencers or travel pages to see a wide variety of ideas.

It’s like flipping through the pages of a massive globe photo book.

We’re very visual animals, and all it takes is one photograph of somewhere incredible to pique our interest.

I first saw the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia on Instagram and I added Turkey to my expanding list of travel destinations.

Instagram is a fantastic way to connect with other travelers.

Most people will geotag their photos, so you’ll know precisely where to see that breathtaking vista, great terrain, fantastic castle, or wildly colorful colonial streets.

If they don’t, then pose the question.

3. Explore Pinterest 

Ideas For Your Next Trip

It functions similarly to a digital scrapbook for those unfamiliar with Pinterest, allowing you to ‘pin’ clickable photos from websites to boards you create.

It’s a simple way to keep everything you like in one place, including home design ideas, kitchen recipe ideas, closet fashion ideas, and vacation inspiration.

You can follow individuals the same way you do on other social networking platforms, but your feed will include pins from those you follow and pins Pinterest recommends based on your likes and saves.

You may also look for articles on any city, region, country, or continent.

4. Subscribe To Airline And Travel Company Newsletters

Ideas For Your Next Trip

Choose carefully the ones you subscribe to; being overwhelmed with emails may be overwhelming, causing tension rather than inspiration.

Also, look for firms that promote the sorts of excursions you enjoy at an affordable price.

To mention a few, I subscribe to the newsletters of Lonely Planet, Wanderlust, and Nat Geo Traveller.

When you read about “amazing trips into Vietnam’s hidden regions” or “road traveling across Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula,” that dreadful Monday morning drive to work suddenly doesn’t seem awful.

I promise it will have you looking for flights during your lunch break.

5. Learn How To Use The “Anywhere” Search Function On Flight Booking Websites

This function is addictive to me, and I use it to help me choose a place for practically every long weekend getaway or short vacation I’ve ever taken.

I usually start with Skyscanner but many flight booking companies now allow you to do so.

I don’t know about you, but I usually know when I want to go and how much money I have to spend when I plan a trip, but I need some assistance picking where to go.

On Skyscanner, you can enter your departure airport, leave the destination blank and the date as well. It will search for deals around the internet and show you the best deals. You can find flights for as low as $40 to unique destinations sometimes.

6. Use Non-Digital Approaches

Remember when you went to your local travel agency to determine where you wanted to go on vacation next and came home with as many complimentary brochures as your small arms can carry?

I still use this strategy to get ideas for my next trip, but now I go through free brochures from adventure travel companies like Explore, Exodus, Intrepid, and Dragoman.

7. Consult Your Friends, Family, And Coworkers

That is another source of inspiration that we sometimes forget in this digital era.

However, chatting to others about their travels has inspired many of my excursions.

I’m also fortunate to work with a couple of colleagues who are passionate about travel (one of whom organizes independent adventures with her two young children) and who are a constant source of inspiration for me.

We bounce ideas off each other, share contacts and web addresses, and spend our free time talking about travel when we’re not working.

Then there are my two close mates with whom I spend every Christmas season.

Conversations with these two have aroused my curiosity about traveling to some of the areas they’ve been to.


Once you’ve compiled a list of all the destinations you want to go to, start researching the ideal times to go.

For instance, I found that November is a terrible month to visit Kyrgyzstan yet one of the most acceptable months to visit India.

Similarly, April-August is an excellent time to visit Peru and Bolivia, although it is the rainy season in much of Southeast Asia during these months.

While Southeast Asia is drier in January and February, Peru’s rains are so terrible at this time of year that climbers block the whole Inca Trail.

If the weather prohibits you from doing practically everything you wanted to do in any particular place, your cheap airfares may not be that cheap.

So, build a calendar with all the months of the year on it.

Write a list of all the countries you may travel to during those months.

It makes picking on your next destination so much easier!

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