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10 Reasons You Should Visit Africa If You’ve Never Been There

Africa, the 2nd largest continent, is the land of wilderness, rainforests, islands, desert, and mountains.

It is home to countries like Egypt, Madagascar, Morocco, and of course, South Africa.

In this article, we’re going to look at reasons you should visit Africa if you’ve never been there before

10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Africa At Least Once

1. Unparalleled Wildlife Exposure on African Safari

As America is famous for Hollywood and Japan for Sushi, Africa is well known for its unparalleled wildlife.

Africa’s Kruger National Park is home to ferocious and big animals.

A tour to Africa gives you the pleasure of watching these animals up close.

Have you heard about the big 5 of Africa?? Or the big 6??

The big 5 are the hardest to catch game animals found in Kruger National Park: The Lion, the Elephant, the Leopard, the Cape Buffalo, and the Rhinoceros.

These are some of the fastest, wildest, and most terrifying animals of the wild. Watching them with the naked eye will give you a chill to the bone.

Indeed, you can find these animals in other parts of the world but believe us when we say those animals can’t compare to those you will encounter on an African safari. However, there are a lot more reasons to to visit Africa and more things to experience and explore.

2. The Ancient River of Egypt, The River Nile 

The longest river in Africa, River Nile, flows through 9 African countries.

It is on the must-visit list for travelers to Africa. When I lived in Uganda as a child, our house was right by the bank of River Nile which was an experience I didn’t appreciate much until I was older.

Several boat cruises offer Nile tours to tourists.

The Nile holds spiritual significance for both ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs.

The river led to the construction of the famous Egypt Pyramids.

Tourists can avail of Nile tours that take you through The Luxor or Aswan routes.

These tours usually take three or four nights to complete.

During the day, you can see farmlands and ancient rural scenes.

Under the stars, one may observe illuminated temples and monuments.

3. The Ecological Diversity and Nightlife of Madagascar

Another reason to visit Africa is to visit Madagascar, the 4th largest island globally.

Madagascar is off the south-eastern coast of Africa.

It is a country that is home to a wide variety of unique vegetation and animals.

More than 11,000 indigenous plant species coexist on the island alongside various mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and other animals.

Madagascar is open all year to tourists and visitors from all around the world.

It has a thriving nightlife, allowing tourists and visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s night culture and beauty after sunset.

4. Cape Town and Its Gorgeous Landscapes 

Cape Town is definitely worth visiting because of its beautiful scenery and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

It is one of Africa’s most beautiful and colorful coastal cities, nestled between mountains and the sea.

It offers a pleasant temperature and enough to do, especially for wildlife and adventure enthusiasts.

Here you can go for a swim at picture-perfect Clifton Beach, which has  Blue Flag Beach accreditation.

The Cape Winelands near Cape Town is another fantastic destination to visit.

This wine region in South Africa is just a short drive from Cape Town.

Besides wine tasting trips, Cape Winelands offers sidewalk cafes, small stores, restaurants, and art galleries.

You’ll discover high-quality lodging at reasonable prices at Cape Winelands.

5. The 9 Astonishing and Dark African Deserts

If you are a fan of remote and nature-friendly places, you should explore African deserts.

The Sahara and Kalahari should be on top of your list.

It is a wide misconception that these deserts are just boring plain dunes.

Let us tell you what these deserts have to offer.

The Sahara contains various terrains, including stony plateaus, dunes, plains, volcanic mountains, and oases.

It has various sections, each with its unique rainfall patterns, temperatures, flora, and species.

On the other hand, the Kalahari Desert receives more than 25 cm of rain per year in some regions.

The rain allows a variety of plants to thrive here, such as hardy grasses, thorny shrubs, and acacia trees.

The Kalahari Desert is known for its massive dunes and salt pans, the product of dried-up lakes.

You can come across lions, meerkats, brown hyenas, antelopes, and other species in African Deserts. So if you’re looking to experience one of these, then this is one of the best reasons to visit Africa.

6. The Sun-Worshippers and the South African Beaches 

The beaches in South Africa are among the most magnificent in the world.

Here, there is a beach for every style of sun-worshipper.

Mostly these beaches are ideal for getting away from the hive.

They have a hangout spot for Generation Z.

Some beaches also offer gay men’s hangouts.

On your tour to Cape Town, you must visit Camps Bay.

It is an excellent beach for families, with stores and restaurants directly across the street on the famed Camps Bay Strip.

However, if you’re looking for old-fashioned tidal pools and vividly colored beach huts, head out to Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, and Fish Hoek.

The summer months provide ideal beach weather, but the winter months are not that bad either.

There are often bright days ideal for a stroll, picnic, and surfing in winter.

7. Table Mountain’s Aerial Cableway

While visiting Africa, travelers never forget to ride the revolving cable car from Table Mountain.

They find breathtaking vistas, beautiful fynbos, Camps Bay view (known for its spectacular sunsets), and the endless blue horizon. 

Table Mountain is one of the world’s oldest mountains.

Its sandstone walls have slowly eroded over millennia, producing an outcrop large enough to be stunning but small enough to trek in a day.

Visitors come here in December and January because parking is restricted — it is people’s favorite thing to do in Cape Town! Try to go there first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon to escape the crowds and heat.

8. The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure 

Tourists often enjoy being outside the familiar, and Africa’s continent has picturesque sites of outstanding natural beauty. Being able to experience outdoor activities in the beauty of its nature is one of the best reasons to visit Africa.

To make your outdoor adventure worth it, you can contact private guides and transport services.

Since many activities are weather-dependent, you have to watch the wind and rain when making your reservation.

If you visit Cape Town, you will love to experience the adventure the city has to offer.

Bring your hiking boots if you enjoy hiking.

Sign up for tandem paragliding for a bird’s-eye view of the Atlantic Coast.

If you’re looking for a low-key activity, try snorkeling with Cape fur seals, one of the most entertaining things to do in Cape Town.

9. The Delectable Food

African cuisine is as rich and diverse as its people. In each country you visit, you’ll experience a different set of dishes and cuisine that is different from the next.

They have some of the best meats globally, and they don’t just stick to beef and pork.

Many restaurants serve ostrich and springbok, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to try Kudu.

When visiting Africa, do not forget to ask for their BBQ, known as braai and biltong, similar to beef jerky.

Additionally countries like South Africa are also known for their beer production.

So if you get a chance to visit the rainbow nation, do not forget to taste the most delicious wine in Johannesburg.

10. Friendly Locals, Diverse Culture, and Rich History

Undoubtedly, Africans are a friendly bunch!

They enjoy meeting new people and enthusiastically promote their favorite sites and activities.

They are a melting pot of many fascinating cultures that have come together to form one nation.

You will hear a variety of accents in their language, see a variety of skin colors and creeds, and taste a delicious fusion of flavors in their cuisine.

I hope these 10 reasons to visit Africa will inspire you to visit the beautiful continent and see it for yourself. There’s so much to see and experience that will make it one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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