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30 Fun & Memorable Things to Do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, simply known as “Philly” the city of “brotherly love” is the sixth-largest city in the USA. We have compiled this list of the best things to do in Philadelphia.

This list showcases the rich history, significant landmarks of the American Revolution, numerous museums, parks, markets, etc.

Table of Contents

1. Visit the Historic Landmark at The Liberty Bell

Philadelphia offers several free things to do, including the liberty bell, an iconic symbol of American independence for centuries.

It is one of the most significant and historical attractions in the city.

2. Memorize the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall

In terms of the history of the revolution, Independence Hall possesses unique and precious significance.

Independence Hall has had a significant impact on the development of the nation. This is where you will find the Declaration of Independence.

Visit this place to feel like you are visiting history.

3. Enhance the Charm of Your Love Life at Love Park

Suppose you want a place to visit with your partner and capture the picturesque sight of nature.

In that case, lovebirds can snap a romantic photo at the aptly named LOVE park.

Love Park is a premier tourist site in Philadelphia for couples.

4. Art Walk at the Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Art lovers and admirers should visit this famous art gallery and fulfill their souls with true inspiration through art.

In addition, the famous rocky scene is filmed on the stairs of the museum, which attracts movie lovers.

5. Enjoy Shopping At King Of Prussia Mall

This beautifully designed mall will undoubtedly enhance the charm of joy since it is the largest shopping mall in Pennsylvania and the third-largest in the United States.

6. Spend Your Time with Animals at Philadelphia Zoo

Nearly 1300 animals live at the Philadelphia Zoo, many rare or endangered.

Philadelphia zoo is consistently ranked as one of the top zoological destinations.

7. Celebrate Special Occasions at Vetri Cucina

Vetri Cucina is one of the most demanding restaurants located in a historic townhome in the city’s center.

 If you organize a memorable event, you need to reserve your tables there.

8. Horseback Riding in Philadelphia

You can ride horses at many horse-riding places in Philadelphia, such as Hidden Valley Farm, Ashford Farm Riding Day Camp, Millers Farm, Touch of Luck Farm, etc. 

9. Enjoy A Picnic with Family or Friends at Penn Treaty Park

What are you waiting for?

Just pack your food bucket and come here; this park provides an unbeatable backdrop for a classic picnic.

10. Seafood Lovers Fulfil Their Desire at Eddie V’s

This seafood and steak house is suitable for seafood lovers, and you can expect to enjoy some enchanting music and an eye-catching view.

11. Make Plans for Boating on the Delaware River

A perfect place for a boat cruise and some time out on the water. Motor boating is also permitted to get a perfect flow on the water.

12. Enjoy the Best Meal at Hiroki

Hiroki is famous for its delicious Japanese dining style, situated in the picturesque neighborhood of fish town, where you can spend one night.

13. Explore Past in Many Historical Museums

Enlighten the past by visiting the National Museum of America and Museum Of American Revolution, learning the story of the American Revolution and its enduring legacy.

14. Discover History Through The Revolutionary Site Carpenters’ Hall

Carpenter’s Hall is located at the Independence National Historical Park.

Patriotic civilians should visit this memorial landmark. It hosted its first continental congress in 1774 and has hosted many more afterwards.

15. Propose To The Love of Your Life at Addison Street

On the special occasion of Christmas, one can propose to their loved one at Addison Street because it is filled with thousands of cheers on the eve of Christmas.

It’s become a go to destination for proposals in the city of the Philly.

16. Experience The Best Entertainment for Your Children at Nest Center City

Make your children’s vacation unforgettable with this adventure playground.

There’s a beautiful and modern indoor playground that makes up this enchanting place.

17. Explore The Best Hiking Trails at Wissahickon Valley Park

Wissahickon Valley Park’s most popular place for hikers is a rustic, natural park that offers numerous hiking, biking, and other recreational opportunities.

18. Better Your Health by Swimming at Blue Marsh Lake

No one can discern between natural and artificial sources of the lake’s grass, sunshine, or any of the other things that make it fun.

This is an artificial lake that is worth a visit.

19. See the Excellent Site of the Philly City Hall

Philadelphia city hall is an inspiring seat of municipal government, built of bricks, white marble, and limestone.

City hall is the world’s largest free-standing masonry building.

This building is topped by a 37-foot-tall statue of the city founder William Penn.

20. Learning with Fun for Kids at Please Touch Museum

There are many interactive activities for kids, such as fun sessions, creative art storytelling, museum programs, and other learning activities: that boost critical thinking and mental abilities.

Kids will have a lot of fun visiting this museum.

21. Inhale the Feel of Relaxation at Spring Garden Street Bridge

Come and experience the beauty of nature while enjoying proper relaxation.

 It is situated over the Schuylkill River, an unforgettable sight with the enchanting music of flying birds.

22. Experience the Wondrous Things at Franklin Institute

This long-running museum is dedicated to science and innovation.

Anyone curious will love all the wondrous things to see in the planetarium, the IMAX Theater, the aviation hall, the simulated train factory, and many more exhibits.

23. Get Astonished at Magic Garden

Philadelphia’s magical garden is a unique mix of art environments covered with mosaics.

It is created with handmade tiles, bottles, wheels, mirrors, and international folk art.

24. Candy Lovers Are Welcome at Candy Topia

This place has charm with every wall filled with millions of colorful patterns, a gaming zone, and plenty of places to take selfies.

25. Enhance Your Mood at Blue Cross Riverrink

Philadelphia’s waterfront offers a wide range of outdoor roller skating, boardwalk games, and rides.

These activities provide a soaring view of the Delaware river and the Ben Franklin Bridge.

 26. Have Fun at Wonderspaces Philadelphia

This place features 15 immersive and interactive extraordinary artworks.

Visit this place to be part of a beautiful and unforgettable experience of contemporary installation art.

27. Make Your Winter Delightful at Dilworth Park

Lace-up your new ice skates for a spin around an ice rink.

This ice rink at Dilworth offers incredible winter fun and programming for all ages.

28. Have Fun at Franklin Square

One of Philadelphia’s five original squares and a favorite playtime oasis with fun for all. Centered around its picturesque fountain and its lush green space. This is definitely a place to visit when in Philly.

29. Fulfill Your List of Household Needs at Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market is one of America’s largest and oldest public markets.

This is an awesome place to go for grocery shopping while having an experience of the city of Philly at the same time.

30. Get A Dose of Entertainment at Marple Sports Arena

This entertainment facility features roller hockey, skating, arcade games, climbing, and other activities. If you are a sports enthusiast or you’re looking for a fun day out with friends, this is exactly the type of place you want to go for a good time.

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