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100+ Fun Indoor & Outdoor Things to Do in Spring This Year

The spring season is the time between winter and summer. It marks the end of the winter season. The fluctuating weather from hot summers and chilly winters is the time of rejuvenation, new birth, and new beginnings. Plants and trees bloom with green leaves.

Spring season is also comprehended as the season of flowers because there are beautiful flowers, fragrances, fresh leaves, colorful butterflies, and buzzing bees everywhere.

In this article, we will explore some of the most exciting things to do in the spring. From enjoying the outdoors with hikes and picnics to getting creative with some spring crafts, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this season.

Here are the 100 things to do in the spring season to enjoy it fully.

100 Fun Activities for This Spring Season

  1. Plan a barbeque night with relatives, close friends, and neighbors.
  2. Visit a local farm for a day and feed animals there.
  3. Take a rowing boat tour on a lake.
  4. Attend the opening ceremony of a baseball game.
  5. Redecorate your house for spring.
  6. Go to a theme park near you.
  7. Create a nature-themed scavenger hunt.
  8. Host a picnic with your loved ones at a local park.
  9. Dine outdoors in the crisp air. You will easily find an uncrowded terrace area at a restaurant during this season.
  10. Host an Easter themed party.
  11. Visit a local zoo and see some wild animals.
  12. Eat the delicious, sweeter, and easy-to-make strawberry shortcake.
  13. Play hopscotch.
  14. Make delicious cookies and distribute them among the kids in the street.
  15. Collect garbage from streets to keep the environment clean.
  16. Make a spring to-do list and prioritize important tasks.
  17. Visit a nearby farmers’ market for some fresh goods.
  18. Join a dance class.
  19. Feed the ducks with seeds, oats, rice, grapes, etc. It is an enjoyable activity, especially for kids
  20. Do live sketching of leaves or flowers.
  21. Go berry picking. Choose the tastier strawberries and blueberries for you.
  22. Visit a nearby winery for some wine tasting.
  23. Watch the gorgeous and refreshing sunrise. As the spring season approaches, the sunrise becomes more prolonged so that you can enjoy the scenery for an extended period.
  24. Hang up a wind chime in your lounge.
  25. Visit a playground.
  26. Visit a botanical garden or a tulip garden.
  27. Enroll in some guerilla gardening in your city.
  28. Walk under the magical and surprising cherry blossom trees. Falling petals in slow motion will look magical and leave you in awe.
  29. Gaze clouds and try to find shapes in them.
  30. Feel the texture of feathery hay-like grass by walking on it barefooted. It will strengthen your mobility, mechanics, and muscles as well.
  31. Play mini-golf.
  32. Take advantage of pleasant weather and set on a road trip.
  33. Enjoy the blooming and lush scenery along the road wherever you travel.
  34. Take a tandem bike ride with your partner or close friend and turn your excitement into laughter.
  35. Have a sunbath in your backyard or a park.
  36. Visit a local library and borrow some books to read.
  37. Spring clean your house or apartment. Throw out the things that you no longer need. Clearing the clutter will make your home airy and spacious.
  38. Make an outdoor activity jar.
  39. Play Frisbee in the backyard with your friends and family.
  40. Make popsicles with something delicious.
  41. Avail free comics from your nearby local comic store on Free Comic Book Day.
  42. Buy fresh fruits and green vegetables from the farmer’s market and cook a delicious dinner with them for the family.
  43. Attend a local festival in your city.
  44. Pastime in the rain and jumping in waterholes.
  45. Go fly-fishing and see what you can catch.
  46. Make someone an April fool by playing a prank on them. But it must not be overly cliché or cruel.
  47. Climb a tree to have a close view of fresh leaves no matter how old you are. Just be sure that you do it safely.
  48. Do a science experiment.
  49. Attend some yard and estate sales.
  50. Attend the international pillow fight day on the 2nd of April.
  51. Grow herbs and plants as the spring season is the best for planting.
  52. Plan a wonderful summer vacation.
  53. Pick dandelions and other wildflowers and make a bouquet. Either place it in your bedroom or gift it to your neighbor.
  54. Paint rocks to enhance the overall charm of the place where you keep them.
  55. Go for a walk at a nearby walking trail.
  56. Join a connect group at church.
  57. Go for paintball with a group of friends.
  58. Hike a new trail and enjoy the greenery, amazing landscapes, and gorgeous flowers.
  59. Wash your car.
  60. Visit your old high school or college and relive some memories from your younger years.
  61. Go shopping for a spring wardrobe.
  62. Attend a concert by your bands or a new band you’ve never listened to before.
  63. Go for indoor skydiving.
  64. Visit a nearby museum and learn some history about your community.
  65. Embellish your garden with plants and lights and throw a garden tea party.
  66. Go canoeing.
  67. Hang a bird feeder in your garden and watch the different birds that come to eat.
  68. Go paddleboarding.
  69. Grow a garden of plants.
  70. Go bird watching. Many birds migrate from one place to another as the seasons change.
  71. Skip stones in a pool, lake, or ocean.
  72. Get a fresh haircut or a new hairstyle you’ve never tried before.
  73. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, donation centre or local church.
  74. Photograph leaves, flowers, and trees as they blossom.
  75. Make a candy necklace.
  76. Dye Easter eggs.
  77. Start collecting random things and recycling them for art installations.
  78. Build a tree house in the backyard.
  79. Go camping out of state.
  80. Put the collected flowers in the vase of your home.
  81. Grab your camera and drive around the city taking pictures of interesting things and moments you see.
  82. Celebrate Earth Day by planting more and more trees in the community.
  83. Start journaling.
  84. Decorate your bike with flowers and take a ride.
  85. Pick up fresh strawberries and make dessert from them.
  86. Make a blade of grass whistle by blowing it.
  87. Dig for worms and go fishing.
  88. Observe a flower, explore its parts and search about them on the internet.
  89. Gather all different commodities and donate them to charity.
  90. Take all the fresh fruits or veggies and prepare healthy smoothies to make your day.
  91. Play street hockey with pals.
  92. Paint nails with beautiful spring colors. Have nail art of flowers.
  93. Create friendship bracelets with daisies and other flowers and give them to your close friends.
  94. Bake a rhubarb cake, seasonal pie, fruit tart, or another spring-inspired dessert.
  95. Paint flower pots with wacky and wild faces.
  96. Go for a hot air ballon ride.
  97. Make homemade ice cream as a spring treat for family members.
  98. Take a horticulture course to learn about types of flowers and their production.
  99. Sell lemonade outside your house with your kids to get extra income.
  100. Have cookies and coffee with your mother, wife, sisters, and female friends on women’s day.
  101. Visit a new city you’ve never been to before

The best part about most of these activities is that they don’t require much time or money. So if you’re looking for a way to enjoy the warmer weather without going broke or spending your whole day outside, then these are just right for you!

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