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100+ Exciting Indoor & Outdoor Things To Do In Winter For Fun

Winter in many parts of the world brings colder temperatures and often snow. If you’re like most people, the winter months find you hunkering down indoors.

But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of exciting activities to take part in.

In fact, there are tons of fun indoor and outdoor activities that are even more fun in the winter!

So instead of being a potato couch, how about we take advantage of the change of season and find fun activities and enjoyable things to do in the cold weather. Wondering what you can do in winter other than just waiting for it to get over?

Here’s a list of 100 fun things to do in winter and find things to do either outdoor or indoors. 

50 Outdoor Activities To Do In Winter

outdoor winter activities

It’s cold outside but while it may be tempting to stay inside where it’s warm, you get tired of just sitting indoors and need something to do outside for fun.

Here are 50 fun outdoor winter activities to try out as well as ideas of where you can go for some indoor activities so you’re not stuck at home;

  1. Attend an outdoor concert and listen to favorite band play.
  2. Take a road trip to a new city you’ve never been to before.
  3. Take advantage of the piles of snow and make a snowman with a red nose.
  4. Enjoy winter camping with your family and practice some survival skills.
  5. Take up downhill skiing and descend a mountain smoothly. 
  6. Become daring and try cross-country skiing while learning some new stunts. 
  7. Catch snowflakes on your tongue and feel them melt in your mouth. 
  8. Have a snowball fight with your friends and family
  9. Host a bonfire and marshmallow party and invite your friends over. 
  10. Go horse back riding.
  11. Enjoy a quiet day of ice fishing and then serve fish for dinner.
  12. Arrange a soccer tournament for your friends or family.
  13. Do a winter scavenger hunt with things you can only find in winter.
  14. Go on a hike to get your body temperature up. And if it’s snowing, hike through the snow-covered pines.
  15. Have a sledding or tubing adventure on a snowy hill.
  16. Search nearby hot springs to visit and soak yourself in warm water. 
  17. Get tickets to watch a hockey game and go support your favorite team
  18. Go ice skating on an ice lake or ice-skating rink. 
  19. Join a winter sport club and learn to play a new sport.
  20. Drive around the street and watch Christmas lights and décor. 
  21. Go door to door and carol around the neighborhood on Christmas. 
  22. Make a snow fort or a snow globe if you receive lots of snow where you live.
  23. If it’s Christmas, visit family and friends you haven’t seen in a while, to have a good time.
  24. Dissolve some food coloring in a spray gun and paint the snow.
  25. Book a winter photoshoot and create memories of this year’s winter.
  26. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen and serve the underprivileged people in your community.
  27. Download the geocaching app and attempt a Geocaching treasure hunt.
  28. Do a blanket drive and donate some warm winter supplies to the homeless people in your city.
  29. Get together with your friends or partner and have a picnic by the lake.
  30. Set up an outdoor obstacle course and a
  31. Create DIY confetti using dry fallen leaves of different colors.
  32. Visit a nearby ground or park, collect some natural items and create frozen suncatchers. 
  33. Find a neighboring home that needs a hand in shoveling snow, help them out and win hearts.
  34. Head to a local park or pavement and draw some hearts or words of kindness with chalk.
  35. Rent a snowmobile and and have fun snowmobiling in the snow.
  36. Sign up for a marathon in your city and run for charity.
  37. Go to a theme park and get on as many rides as you can. You’ll leave feeling warmer than when you left.
  38. Visit a nearby zoo. The animals are generally more active in their enclosures during winter.
  39. Cut down your tree for Christmas.
  40. Play hop scotch in the backyard and revisit some childhood memories.
  41. Take a walk in the city center or the forest and take pictures of people, buildings and vehicles.
  42. Attend a church service at a church you’ve never been to before.
  43. Host an outdoor winter Olympics tournament in your backyard.
  44. Visit a winery in the countryside and try out some fresh wine.
  45. Watch a YouTube video, learn to make a nest, then go out and create one for birds.
  46. Gather some fresh, clean snow, cream, vanilla, and sugar and make snow ice cream. 
  47. Go to a national park you’ve never been to before.
  48. Have an outdoor dining experience at a new restaurant you’ve never eaten at before.
  49. Attend a tree lighting event and have fun with your community. 
  50. Go paintballing with a group of friends. If you get hit by a paintball, it will warm up your body!

There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy outside. Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding at a resort, ice skating at a frozen pond, or building a snowman in your own backyard, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the winter weather and get some exercise while doing it.

So whether you want to bundle up and hit the slopes, or grab your skates and glide across the ice – winter sports are a fun and exciting way to spend time outside during the chilly season.

50 Indoor Activities to Do in Winter

indoor winter activities
  1. Host a sleepover with your closest group of friends.
  2. Make hot cocoa and enjoy it while reading a good book. 
  3. Host a talent show or winter fashion show with your closest friends and family.
  4. Try indoor mountain climbing and get some exercise.
  5. Go to a movie theatre and watch the latest movie that just came out
  6. Finish a book that is still lying on the shelf with a bookmark. 
  7. Sign up at a gym nearby or buy some home exercise equipment and start working on your summer body.
  8. Sort out clothing and household items no longer needed and donate them to charity.
  9. Stay warm in the kitchen and try creating new versions of your old recipes.
  10. Visit an indoor water park and have some fun.
  11. Enjoy reading? Join and participate in a virtual book club or one at a local library. 
  12. Sign up for online courses and learn a new skill you make money from.
  13. To stay active this winter, join a fitness center.
  14. Give your mind something to do and plan a family vacation or vacations you want to go on next year.
  15. Take a dip in an indoor pool.
  16. Be creative and make a drawing or join a painting class.
  17. Invite some friends and family over and play some board games. 
  18. Invite friends over and host a slumber party.
  19. Cleaning can be fun too. Grab some cleaning supplies and do some deep cleaning. 
  20. Start babysitting to earn some extra money. 
  21. Start a blog and share your interests with the world.
  22. At least for one day, try to commit to digital detox where you stay off social media and the internet. 
  23. Volunteering keeps your soul happy—volunteer at a soup kitchen or community center. 
  24. You are never old enough to give up dancing. Join a virtual dance class or find a YouTube dance channel and try some new moves.
  25. Make a scrapbook this winter and fill it in according to your personality. 
  26. Join an online peer group and make some new friends. 
  27. Join a church online or watch some sermons online.
  28. Start a small business. It could be anything from selling DIY crafts online to delivering homemade food. 
  29. Show your skills and make some handmade cards for your family. 
  30. Build a blanket fort, cuddle up and play candy crush.
  31. Set your new year’s resolution goals. Go over your New Year Goals and make a list of things you plan to do next year. 
  32. Make a Pinterest board. 
  33. Create your own YouTube channel. 
  34. Study some video and audio editing skills. 
  35. Learn to create an app or join a coding program. 
  36. Make a chili dish and hot tomato soup and invite friends over. 
  37. Visit a museum or a monument and learn some history. 
  38. Decorate the entire house for the Christmas festivities. 
  39. Why not get efficient and create DIY Christmas ornaments
  40. Bake cookies or make special chocolate pancakes for breakfast. 
  41. Make some extra food and donate it to a local food bank.
  42. Keep your mind busy and learn to play chess. 
  43. Knitting is fun! Research, learn, and start to make some mittens.
  44. Bake some pies and serve them to your neighbor or give them out at the food shelter. 
  45. Try out new winter recipes you’ve never tried before.
  46. Attend a poetry event.
  47. Book a hotel or Airbnb and have a staycation in a different part of your city.
  48. Rearrange your home furniture for a different home layout.
  49. Organize your closet and arrange your clothes using color coordination or group them in their different categories.
  50. Organize the kitchen cabinets.
  51. Go to an arcade and play some games.

With so many options for fun indoor and outdoor things to do in winter, it’s easy to make the most out of the cold season. No matter what you choose to do, make sure to bundle up and stay warm while enjoying all that winter has to offer. Happy winter adventures!

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