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10 Crucial Things To Not Do When You Visit A New Place

Are you planning to visit a new place on your upcoming vacation? Then you are in the right place cause we’re going to go through some essential things to avoid when you visit a new place so you don’t get yourself in trouble.

Following our ultimate “not-to-do list” can help you avoid awkward and unpleasant situations and make your trip a smooth and relaxing lifelong experience.

So have a look before leaving for your next trip and always keep these 10 things to not do when you visit a new place on your mind during your next trip.

1. Don’t Violate Others’ Personal Space, Ever

If you go to a new place, be conscious about giving people their personal space.

You might be excited to see new people and experience a new culture, but the feelings may not necessarily be the same on another side.

Hopping on others, trying to capture them, or asking a random question may irritate them.

So learn to respect other people’s boundaries. Also, study and research the culture of the people there before you travel especially if you are visiting a new country.

2. Don’t Get Too Friendly with Locals on the Street.

This one is so important for your safety.

Other people thinking you are new or a tourist, comes with the thought that you have a lot of cash and expensive cameras or belongings.

If you, unfortunately, get friendly with the wrong guy on the street and end up giving him your details, you can get in serious trouble.

Particularly in a new place where you don’t know from whom you can seek help, be on your guard.

3. Do Not Travel Without Learning About The Place You Are Going To

Traveling must always be about experiencing and exploring new things. However it’s important to do a bit of research and learn about the place you are going to visit before you get there.

This is especially crucial if you are visiting a new country you have never been to before. Do a bit of research about the people and the culture and whether it is safe or not.

Try to find some reviews from people who have been there before and what their experience was. A good way is to look up Tiktok or Youtube videos of people who have been there before.

4. Don’t Go Out At Unusual Times

Every place has its appropriate time to be walked around.

Some cities are so safe and lit that their nights are just like days.

You can roll out of your room and go out to have fun at any hour of the night.

However, it might be dangerous to walk at night in some areas since it’s easy to be mugged or couped.

So research and learn when to rock the roads in a particular area.

5. Don’t Start Taking Pics Everywhere

Not taking pictures all the time is also another interpretation of being within your limit.

Newbies often get excited by watching new and unique things, places, or people around them, and they tend to capture everything on their cameras.

You don’t need to ask before taking photographs of a monument or a natural landscape.

Still, it would be best to be careful while trying to capture people or their personal belongings as not everyone is in the same mood as you, and others may not appreciate being included in a random person’s pictures.

6. Don’t Travel Without Someone Knowing Where You Are

If you’re going to forget everything on this list of crucial things to not do when you visit a new place but one then remember this one. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, locally or internationally, always make sure there’s someone who knows where you are traveling to and if possible where you will be staying.

If you are traveling alone then this is very important incase something happens to you while you are away. Someone should know where to go looking for you or where to send the police to find you if they cannot get a hold of you or if you don’t return on your intended return day.

If you are traveling in a group as adults you can use your discretion based on whether you are traveling locally or going outside the country. While it’s rare for something to happen to the entire group, you want to make sure at least one person can locate you if something does happen.

7. Don’t Post Your Location On Social Media

This is one of the most important things to not do when you visit a new place. When traveling it can be very tempting to share your vacation pictures and videos with your social media audience.

However, when posting on social media avoid sharing your live location or where you are staying while you are still staying there as this can make you a target of human trafficking or robbery.

There are many stories of tourists who were robbed or in danger after their perpetrators followed them through social media postings.

8. Don’t Be a Miser

Local people at the market or on the streets can easily spot that you do not belong in their place but are there on vacation.

Local vendors on stalls or waiters at a prominent restaurant will treat you nicely.

As they want you to have a positive image of their country on your way back home, they expect you to tip them generously, so go for it and make them happy as they did for you by welcoming you with a warm heart.

After all, giving always makes you happy!

9. Avoid Discussing Race and Gender

Discussing things like Race, Gender, and other physical traits like color, height, and obesity might get you in trouble.

Each human being is created perfectly and is a perfect fit for the place they are living in.

When traveling to a new place avoid commenting on anyone’s color, caste, or creed.

This type of discussion might hurt someone’s feelings, and people can easily get offended by them, proving to be an issue for you.

Just remember you travel for your love to explore nature and different cultures which have lovely contrasting faces.

10. Don’t Dress Like a Tourist

You can only enjoy the essence of a destination when you get yourself deep into its soul and try to blend in with the locals.

You can do this when you try to look more like the locals and dress like them.

Learning a few meaningful sentences of the local language will also be very helpful.

On the other hand, getting dressed like a tourist and flaunting your expensive clothes and gadgets might attract the wrong attention and make you a target of robbery.

Try to look more like locals. It will help you get safe from scammers in the shape of local vendors and protect you from falling prey to street crime.

There you go! Remember these 10 things to not do when you visit a new place the next time you travel.

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