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50 Places To Visit As An Au Pair In The USA

Being an au pair in the US is a great opportunity to experience a different culture while you travel and explore the different states in America. Not only do you gain work experience and meet a lot of new friends, but you also get to know an entirely new country, with customs, people, and landscapes utterly different from those of your home.

If you will ever work as an Au Pair in the United States, this article will go through a list of some places you can’t let your exchange program end without visiting.

Here we will show you the 50 best places to visit in that country.

1. Chicago, Illinois

This city is often overshadowed by the other big cities in the USA, but it is one of the best places to visit as an au pair.

There you will find the best pizzerias, iconic skyscrapers, and the most famous museums in the world. Don’t forget to take a picture at the Millennial Park.

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is the perfect place for those who like to explore and experience nature.

Santa Fe has one of the best landscapes in the country and is full of artisan fairs and places where the culture of the original people of the USA is exhibited.

3. New Hope, Pennsylvania

This town has a charming aesthetic, and on its main street, you will find independent art galleries, gift shops, and the best coffee shops in the country.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’ve heard about famous places in the US or you grew up watching US movies, then you have most probably heard about the famous city Las Vegas and its nightlife. It’s definitely a place you want to visit before your au pair year ends.

From casinos to dance clubs, you are guaranteed to have fun.

5. Cayo Largo, Florida

This destination is perfect for lovers of water activities.

It has direct contact with the ocean, so you can visit reefs where all kinds of marine animals live.

6. Nantucket, Massachusetts

You can learn everything about the oldest fishing families in the United States on this island.

If you like to eat seafood and learn more about the colonial history of the USA, then this is one destination you need to visit.

7. Jackson, Wyoming

Wyoming is often forgotten, but Jackson is a great place to visit if you like the outdoors and are on a budget.

Also, in winter, you can do hundreds of fun snow activities.

8. Washington, DC

If you have the chance, you must visit the capital of the USA.

You can visit famous monuments like the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington memorial.

You can also visit the white house in person or see the capitol building.

In addition to the monuments and the capitol itself or the white house, you can also visit different museums full of history you can learn from.

9. Los Angeles, California

If you want to see stars in the sky and walk down the street, go to LA.

Here you can go shopping, visit the Hollywood walk of fame, and more.

10. Sedona, Arizona

Returning to the natural landscapes, you can see the most beautiful red rocks in the country and the fantastic desert.

11. Kansas City, Missouri

If you are a meat lover, you must come here to eat the best barbecues in the country.

12. Natchez, Mississippi

Here you can learn about old plantations where enslaved people were held before the civil war and much more about the dark side of US history.

13. Austin, Texas

There are festivals here year-round, and you’ll find the best Tex-Mex restaurants in the country.

14. Indianapolis, Indiana

You’ll find the best museums and zoos in this place, so it is perfect for lovers of all kinds of animals.

15. Hawai

It is a bit remote, but it has the best beaches in North America.

You will even find beaches with black and green sand!

16. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Beyond the snow activities during the winter, you will find hundreds of museums, and you can see the best hockey games here.

17. Manchester, Vermont

You will find the best autumn landscapes here.

It is a cozy town within the New England region.

18. Napa Valley, California

This place has the best wineries in the country, so it is ideal for wine lovers.

19. St. Michaels, Maryland

This luxurious town is perfect for those who want to do water activities in style, like spending the day on a yacht.

20. Birmingham, Alabama

It is the best gastronomic pole for fans of American food and combines the best of the farm with the city.

21. Livingston, Montana

If you always wanted to know what the days of the wild west and cowboys were like, then you must come here.

22. Aspen, Colorado

It is the place chosen by all Ski fans.

You have the best snowy mountains, but make sure you bring a coat.

23. Disney World, Florida

This place is not just for children, although you may find your inner child.

Here are the best theme parks from around the world.

24. New Orleans, Louisiana

A great place to go from bar to bar, also for those who like urban legends, since here you find many places that were Vudu temples.

25. Alaska

Here you can see the best snowy mountains and glaciers in the whole country. Its small towns are also very picturesque.

26. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

This place has the best rivers and waterfalls, but you will also find some fantastic craft breweries in the town.

27. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

On Cape Cod, you find hundreds of historical places, and you can even go on excursions to see whales.

28. Phoenix, Arizona

This place is scorchy, but it has the best golf courses and desert landscapes in the entire country.

29. Finger Lakes, New York

A little-known area outside ​​the big city, here you find the best vineyards in the country’s north.

30. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Here you see the mountain with the faces of the four presidents carved into a stone, and also its neighboring city is full of memorabilia and museums.

31. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

You’ll find the Amish farms in Lancaster, so if you want to know more about this religion and its way of life, you must go.

32. Savannah, Georgia

This is one of the most historic towns in the country, where civil war battles took place.

Going to the historic district is a must.

33. Louisville, Kentucky

Here you can do the Kentucky Bourbon Route, going to distilleries where they make different drinks in an artisanal way.

In addition, you will eat the best-fried chicken in the world.

34. Newport, Rhode Island

This place is all the glamor of the Golden Age of the United States.

You can see the most luxurious mansions and eat the best seafood.

35. Portland, Maine

Here are the most famous art museums in the entire USA and some must-visit restaurants.

36. Asheville, North Carolina

From stunning mountain views to art-filled cultural offerings, there’s nothing you can’t do here.

37. Detroit, Michigan

This city is becoming chicer as time goes by, it is perfect for shopping and relaxing in a spa.

38. Seattle, Washington

You can go to the city center, or do activities in the port.

It is the ideal place to make new friends thanks to the nightlife of the place.

39. San Antonio, Texas

The bloodiest battles of the United States against Mexico took place in this city.

Therefore, through your visits, you can learn a lot about the history of those fights.

40. Nashville, Tennessee

This place is called the city of music for a reason. Country music was born here, and today it continues to play loud in all its streets.

41. Utah National Park

You have national parks to spare in Utah since there are 5 in total.

You can go to all or choose your favorites and see the unique nature of the USA.

42. Charleston, South Carolina

It is full of old mansions museums that used to be plantations, and you can even take a carriage ride from the main square.

43. Denver, Colorado

It is a fantastic city with imposing mountains in the background.

It also has a great nightlife, with authentic German breweries.

44. Palm Springs, California

An authentic paradise for lovers of modern architecture, it is an excellent refuge from the heat of the desert, and you also have hundreds of tourist activities to do.

45. Salem, Massachusetts

Perfect for lovers of horror stories, the Salem witch trials took place here.

So you can see all the places where the witches were tried and even the houses where they lived.

46. Roswell, New Mexico

Continuing in the paranormal theme, you can breathe everything that has to do with UFOs in this city since it has the most sightings in the world.

47. Miami, Florida

If you are looking to have fun, you must go to Miami.

From cheap shopping to the best beaches in North America, including Latin bars and nightclubs, it’s impossible to get bored here.

48. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

You can take a guided tour of the National Meteorological Center since it is one of the main ones in the world, thanks to the variety of climates that exists in this state.

The Oklahoma City Zoo is something that you cannot miss either; without a doubt, it is one of the stellar attractions of the state.

It offers diverse ecosystems connected by trails throughout the resort, from the African plains, rainforests, and forests.

49. Columbus, Ohio

In Columbus, you will find all the state’s history condensed in one place.

The most notable places to visit are the German Village neighborhood, the Short North Arts District, the Center of Science and Industry (COSI), and the Columbus Museum of Art.

50. New York City, New York

This list would not be complete without New York.

In NYC you can see Broadway theaters, the tallest buildings, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and all the places you know from movies and series.

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