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31 Fun Things To Do In New York City This Weekend

On average, 62 million people visit New York City each year. It is amongst the 10 most frequented cities on the planet.

If you are planning to be among those 62 million this year, then it’s going to be a trip you won’t forget. And if you are already an NYC resident looking for some fun things to do in NYC this weekend, then this list is for you too.

This ever-growing city has a lot to offer, and it can be overwhelming to pick one thing. So we’ve done the hard work for you.

Here is our list of 31 fun things to do in New York City this weekend;

1. Explore Nature in Central Park

Spreading on 843 acres, Central Park New York is one of the largest urban parks in the world.

You should visit it to explore nature and enjoy the sceneries of ponds and lakes.

2. Pay Tribute to 9/11 Memorial

The authorities built this memorial to pay tribute to all the September 2001 terror attack martyrs.

This place is a sight to see with two pools at the twin buildings of the world trade center and an enthralling museum.

3. Reach for the Stars on Empire State Building

One of the tallest and most incredible skyscrapers globally, this building is the emblem of NYC and one of the many beloved buildings in the city.

4. Board a Ferry to Visit the Statue of Liberty

Your tour to NYC will be incomplete without visiting this universal symbol of freedom and Democracy.

Therefore, board a ferry from Manhattan to visit the inside Statue of Liberty.

5. Take a Stroll on Brooklyn Bridge

Connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, this bridge is one of the most iconic places in NYC.

Enjoy a 60-minute walk on the bridge, relishing the scenery.

6. Enjoy Broadway Shows

Visiting New York and not seeing a Broadway show is not acceptable. Watching Broadway shows is one of the most popular things to do in New York City.

It’s one of the things that make such a popular destination for both local and international visitors. So don’t miss out on this experience on your next trip to NYC.

7. Get on Staten Island Ferry

It is one of the best free things to do in NYC and is a great way to explore the waterways.

Believe me! There is nothing better than to hop on Staten Island Ferry to view all the happening buildings of NYC.

8.  Get the Dose of Entertainment at Times Square

This bowtie-shaped plaza combines Broadway and Seventh Avenue with dazzling electronic billboards and entertaining stuff.

If you like huge gatherings and good music, this place is a must-visit.

9. Go to See the Grand Central Terminal

One of the world’s busiest terminals is more than a transportation hub.

It has more than 35 places to dine from and incredible architecture.

10. Have the Best View at the Top of The Rock

At the top of Rockefeller Plaza, this observation deck is a great place to have the best view of Manhattan. 

11.  Explore Guggenheim Museum

This museum is also a perfect place to visit in NYC.

Other than the modern arts’ exhibitions held in it, its dumbfounding building is also a thing to witness.

12. Get Enchanted by the Beauty of NY Public Library

This second-largest public library in the country is an excellent landmark in NYC.

You can feel the gorgeousness of its building even at first glance.

13. Spend a Calm Evening at Bryant Park

This park is a peaceful place to spend a calm evening, bound to the library’s east.

You will have double fun in summer as you can enjoy a movie night there every Monday.

14.  Study Medieval Art at Met Cloister

It is an excellent museum in NYC, especially if you want to have a closer look at European Medieval art.

15.  Learn More About NYC at Ellis Island

Ellis Island in NYC is famous for being the most active immigration station in America.

Tours and displays at Ellis Island assist you in learning about NYC’s rich immigrant history.

16. Let Metropolitan Opera House Give You a Transformative Experience

It is the world’s largest opera house built in the mid-1960s.

Its auditorium’s ceiling has more than 4000 squares of gold leaf.

You can enjoy unmatched performances and beloved classics here.

17. Learn History at Tenement Museum

From 1863 to 2011, more than 15000 people from 20 different nations lived in two tenement buildings.

The authorities later turned these buildings into tenement museums to let tourists learn about their ways of living.

18. Get Active on Brooklyn Heights

Close to the Brooklyn Bridge, this place has always been a place of residence for many celebrities.

If you like posh areas, you will fall in love with this place and its activities.

19. Give Coney Island the Chance to Amaze You

This island was previously known as the barrier island.

When you fall short of activities to do in NYC, go to Coney Island and enjoy the rollercoasters.

20. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

It is the best place to spend time and learn about different military aircraft and weapons used in World War II.

21. Relax at Prospect Park

This park will lead you to lose in its charm as it possesses many historic buildings and beautiful sceneries.

Sports facilities and boathouse make it the best tourist spot.

22. Watch a Sunset at Battery Park

It is one of the most fantastic places in NYC, especially to witness the enthralling moments of the sun going down and the glorious statue of liberty.

23. Satisfy Your Hunger at Greenwich Village

This village has always attracted tourists due to its restaurants, bars, cafes, and buildings from the 19th century.

24. Roar with the Crowd at Union Square

Union Square joins the Broadway and Bowery road and is a gathering point for entertainers and revolts.

25. Spend an Afternoon at Flatiron Building

It is one of the signature buildings in NYC and a popular visiting place due to its unique triangular shape, which looks like an iron.

26. American Museum of Natural History

It is one of the most prominent museums globally and well known for containing the most significant fossils of the world of zoology, botany, and anthropology.

27. Watch Chess Matches at Washington Square Park

It is an excellent place at the very bottom of the fifth avenue to witness excellent chess matches and forget the city for a while.

28. Get a Bird’s-Eye View of the City by NYC Helicopter Tour

No matter how much you have enjoyed roaming at different places in NYC, a helicopter tour of the entire city is a must-do thing.

It will be an incredible experience to view the city from a height.

29. Radio City Music Halls 

Visiting NYC and returning without going to this hall is not good.

Here you can enjoy the live broadcast of various TV shows.

30. Shop at SoHo

It was a residence place for several artists, but now it’s a prime shopping district of NYC.

Here, you can spend money at high-end art galleries, designer boutiques, and chain stores.

31. Get Closer to Nature at New York Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is situated on almost 250 acres and is a great place to explore different varieties of plants.

In this garden, there are more than one million individual plants.

New York City is a thriving metropolis full of diverse cultures, iconic landmarks, and endless opportunities for fun and adventure. From visiting the top of the Empire State Building to strolling through Central Park, there’s plenty of fun things to do in New York city this weekend.

And if you are short of time in NYC, a 5.5-hour tour starting from central park west and ending at Herald Square can be the best thing for you.

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