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30 Fun Things To Do In Atlanta

Atlanta is a city with a rich history. From its humble beginnings as a railroad town, Atlanta has grown into one of the most influential cities in America. It’s also home to some of the best things to do in America – from world-class shopping and dining to exciting sports events and concerts at some of the most iconic venues in the country.

Atlanta is truly an international destination with its growing population and diverse culture. There are more than 250 neighborhoods with their own distinct flavor, but all come together under one banner: ATL!

Atlanta, the capital of the U.S. state of Georgia, is never short of entertainment. The city is considered to be people’s favorite place to visit. There is never a shortage of fun things to do in Atlanta.

Locals and visitors alike are treated to various activities every weekend, ranging from farmers’ markets to concerts and festivals to sporting events.

Even if you’re visiting Atlanta for a business trip, you can still enjoy this historical city’s exciting things.

1. Fernbank Museum

No matter what age you are, museums can be a great source of entertainment.

Fernbank shows programs and exhibitions about natural history.

Some of the exhibitions are permanent, but the museum also allows temporary exhibitions.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park

As you stand near the grave of Martin Luther King Jr., you revisit the civil rights movement.

Learn more about Martin Luther King Jr.

This national historical park covers 35 acres of land.

3. Centennial Olympic Park

This Olympic park is a legacy of the Olympics held in 1996.

It hosts several popular festivals and events.

Take a memorable picture next to the famous Olympic ring sculpture.

4. Sky-View Atlanta Ferris Wheel

This 20-story Ferris towers over Centennial Park.

The sky-view has a beautiful view of the Olympic Park, and the ride usually lasts around 12 minutes.

It shows a breathtaking view of downtown Atlanta.

If you’re on an adventure in downtown Atlanta, you must visit the sky-view.

5. CNN Studio Tours

The famous cable news network has its headquarters in Atlanta.

You can visit the main newsroom and studios.

Tour comprises a 50-minute guided tour that lets you peek into the main room, studios, and control rooms.

6. Georgia Aquariums

If you’re interested in sea-world or sea-life, you can visit Georgia aquariums.

The aquarium has seven major galleries and exhibits a wide range of species.

They host different presentations and interactive sessions with different animals.

7. World of Coca-Cola

This extensive museum shares the history of coca-cola.

It covers around 20-acre of land.

You can sample beverages and interact with different exhibitions.

Here, you can learn about different scents and tastes and also get to spend time with the bubbly polar bear.

You will have a great time here if you love this iconic beverage.

8. College Football Hall of Fame

Any die-hard football fan has to check out this place dedicated to college football.

This hall of fame is not only a shrine for legendary football players and coaches. It also has interactive attractions to visit.

9. Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is one of the safest places to visit in Atlanta.

The proof lies in the fact that the park hosts almost 6 million visitors each year.

This more than 200-acre green space also hosts hundreds of vents.

10. Zoo Atlanta

You might consider visiting the Atlanta zoo if you have kids with you.

The zoo hosts different programs and adventures.

One such program is Twilight trek.

The twilight trek, held during the evening, is an adventure for the whole family.

You can use night-vision, which can be super interesting for kids and adults alike.

11. Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Even if you’re not interested in plants, you can still have fun at the famous botanical gardens.

The Atlanta botanical gardens usually have a membership.

You can avail of their membership offer, get amazing discounts, and participate in events hosted specifically for members.

12. Atlanta Beltline

This belt-line is around the core of Atlanta.

The 11-mile trail features some exceptional street artwork.

13. National Center for Civil and Human rights

Atlanta played a significant part during the civil rights movement.

This museum highlights the civil rights movement’s achievements and the global human rights movement.

14. Fox Theater

You can stop for a movie at the Fox theater if you have time.

Fox theater also features ballet, operas, and rock concerts.

15. Center for Puppetry Arts

If you’re interested in arts and learning, this can easily be the funniest place in Atlanta.

This Center is not just for entertainment; it is very informative.

The main focus is museum, education, and performance.

16. Oakland Cemetery

A cemetery may not sound like an ideal spot for a trip.

However, this isn’t just a regular cemetery.

It’s a famous park; many influential citizens of Atlanta are resting here.

17. Stone Mountain Park

Hanging out at this park with your family can be an ideal trip.

It has a railroad that circles the stone mountain park and shows the lovely view of the mountains.

The park has many attractions for families and hosts outdoor events too.

18. Michael C. Cors museum

The main campus of Emory University has the Michael C. Cors museum.

Children, teens, adults, and seniors are all allowed in the museum with a small ticket.

The museum hosts different events and camps for kids to participate in.

19. High Museum of Art

This one is for all the art-lovers out there.

You can walk through the entire collection of the high art museum in around 2-3 hours.

20. Atlanta History Center

Atlanta history center comprises the Atlanta museum and several historic gardens.

The center hosts exhibitions based on the Civil War topics and other topics based on Atlanta’s history.

The Center also allows different outdoor and indoor venues for weddings and other social events.

21. Krog Street Market

The complex expands over a 9-acre area of land.

The street market is a broad collection of restaurants. From here, you can jump at the belt-line, listen to music, and dine in various restaurants.

22. Delta Flight Museum

People interested in aviation frequently visit this museum.

The museum hosts different interactive exhibits and is open during special hours.

The museum also hosts a 45-minute flight simulator.

23. Ponce City Market

You can visit the historic buildings with fine dining.

There are  Food halls and different shops in the city market.

However, You need tickets for entry into the ponce city market.

24. Mercedes Benz Stadium

The stadium offers seating options, luxury suites, and club seats.

This stadium is home to football and soccer games.

25. Turner Field

Turner Field is a famous baseball stadium and is home to the baseball leagues of Atlanta.

26. East Palisades Trail

This trail is quite challenging and takes around 1hr and 40 minutes to finish.

You can go for a walk or hike.

27. Havana Sandwich Shops

If you’re looking for a food place with a homely vibe, you might want to stop at Havana sandwich shop.

This cozy cafe serves sandwiches and combo plates.

28. Diving Rock

You can go swimming at the diving rock at the Chattahoochee.

Many people dive from this huge rock. You can visit it or dive if you’re feeling daring.

29. Millennium Gate Atlanta

They charge small fees for entry.

The museum features many exhibits and collections, celebrates the city’s accomplishments, and pays tribute to Atlanta’s history.

30. DeKalb’s Farmer Market

This grand grocery shop has an expansive cafeteria.

It is most popular and busy during weekends for its organic produce and foods.

Final Words

Whether you’re moving to Atlanta or just visiting for a business trip, you can still enjoy the city.

The city is famous for its history and has many museums and restaurants.

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